Frozen Mango Lassi


Frozen Mango Lassi


A successful marriage of probiotic yogurt, indian alphonso mango, crushed Indianspearmint and ground ginger

Probiotic. All Natural. Low Calorie. Low Fat. Low Sugar. Gluten Free. No Artificial Hormones 

66 calories per serving (396 calories in the whole pint); 0.3g Fat per serving; 11g sugar per serving 

Currently, we deliver only in Manhattan and Brooklyn

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This Ayurvedic-guided Frozen Lassi pairs mint and ginger with a blend of mango and yogurt. According to Ayurvedic principles, mint and ginger are best known to balance the mango-yogurt combination to avoid indigestion. So you don't have to feel guilty digging in to this sweet, beautifully bright treat!

We use only Alphonso Mango Pulp imported directly from reliable, local farmers in Ratnagiri who handpick high quality, chemical-free mangoes. Known as the 'King of Mangoes,' Alphonso Mangoes are popular for their creamy, saffron-colored pulp and precious sweetness with none of the tartness associated with other types of Mangoes. Every summer, Alphonso Mangoes become a national obsession rivaled only by Cricket and Bollywood. Ratnagiri lies in the southwestern region of Maharashtra, India. It is world renowned for having the ideal climate for Alphonso Mango production. 

Ingredients: low fat yogurt (milk, live cultures), mango, mint, ginger, raw sugar, *guar plant gum (*maintains creaminess of lassi when frozen). 

Allergens: contains dairy. Processed in a facility that also processes soy, wheat, nuts.