“I was able to sample several flavors of this amazing Lassi and I have to say that I was very impressed with each and every one. The tastes are so pleasing and unexpected.”

Martha Stewart

Monsieur Singh was also invited on Martha Stewart Living Radio

Come Spring and Summer when my ice cream cravings are through the roof, I’m glad to know I have a refreshing, healthful and tasty lassi pop to lead my stomach’s balance into a peaceful, satisfied state.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson


Mousson Mango, Magique Almond, Rose Je T’aime, Tropical Paradis- the lassis’ names are as captivating and exotic as their flavors

New York Times

Some people say music changed their lives, I say Monsieur Singh’s Lassi pops changed my life. The perfect combination of creamy, sweet and tart on a stick, who could ask for anything more.

Vendy Awards


Why the F$&ck did I not think of this!?”

Aasif Mandvi

Correspondent, The Daily Show

One of the newest, and certainly one of the most unique, street vendors around town is a tiny cart called Monsieur Singh Lassi Pops. We opted for the mango. In addition to tangy mango, the pop had ginger and mint mixed into the yogurt. This gave the lassi pop several different flavors while eating it. The mint added even more cooling power to the pop.



Bright and light, the Mousson Mango Lassi Lolly from Monsieur Singh Lassi is a mini ice pop made with creamy yogurt and just-sweet-enough fruit

Food Network

Delicious (and nutritious!) lassi. India had it all figured out, even before Pinkberry and Red Mango stepped in. They’ve been whizzing up cool, tangy yogurt with sweet, fresh fruit for ages.

Westchester Magazine - Best of Westchester 2012

(The review was written about our Lassi Bar in the Little Spice Bazaar in Mount Kisco, New York)


Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.56.19 AM.png
Let me tell you, the lassis were breathtaking. Mango flavor is most popular, but I was in love with the rose pop, which incidentally was called "rose, je t'aime".  It tasted of rose kulfi (Indian ice cream) and was so fresh and refreshing


MonsieurSingh = genius! Lassi pops = yummy in my tummy!

Prita Chhabbra, Indian Pop Star


The lassi bar was nicely spiced and it wasn’t too sweet. For $2 I would definitely get it again. I shared mine with Little B and he proclaimed it to be both ‘tasty’ and ‘yummy’. Word. And I love their clean design and gorgeous use of type. If it was the aesthetics that drew me in, it was the lassi pop itself that will bring me back.

Blondie & Brownie

Freezing the lassi makes it even more of a hot weather drink, and it was creamier than Italian ices or gelato. The fruit and honey with the mint mixed in, was very enjoyable.

New York Street Food


Lassi popsicles taste very much like a refreshing cocktail (minus the alcohol). Made with spices and herbs, it’s actually quite delectable.

A Mix of Things