Yogurt Hates Lassi

A classic case of professional jealously. According to Ayurveda, a 5000 year-old wellness system from India – Lassi is Yogurt made healthier. It’s the herbs & spices that make Lassi better than yogurt. With herbs & spices, you get all the goodness of yogurt plus multiple health benefits of herbs & spices. Ayurveda, recommends Lassi over yogurt for two reasons:

1. Fruit yogurts can ruin our digestion:

Most yogurts in the supermarket have only fruit and yogurt but no herbs or spices. That’s what makes them not so good for you. According to Ayurveda, fruit and yogurt are not compatible foods. Together fruit and yogurt are difficult to digest because they tend to sit in your stomach and play havoc with our digestion. This can also stop the flow of nutrients from other healthy foods we might be eating.

Ayurveda recommends that when blending fruit and yogurt, always consume them with digestive herbs & spices to improve digestion and get their respective nutritional benefits.

2. Supermarket Yogurts can be difficult to digest:

This applies to plain as well as fruit yogurts. Ayurveda says that yogurt sold in supermarkets become cold & heavy sitting on the supermarket shelves for weeks (an average shelf life of yogurt is 60 days). Consuming these cold & heavy yogurts can be difficult for our body. The presence of herbs & spices can help absorb cold & heavy yogurts. That’s why Lassi is recommended over yogurt.


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